Linking Information

Guide to adding a link from your web site to Winterbourne Willows

Linking information

This is a guide to adding a link from your website to this one. If you need further information or would like a link from our site to yours then please get in touch using our Contact form.

Please consider arranging for links to us to be clearly visible to search engines. In general, a simple link as shown below is preferable to a “disguised” click-through link. This gives improved promotion of your site as well as ours on engines such as Google. If you would like more information on this please contact us through our Technical Queries form.

Please do not link to individual pages of this website as they may be removed or renamed at a later date. If you feel there is a good reason to link to a specific page on this website then please contact us and we will consider your proposal.

Adding a Link

Select the most suitable link below and copy/paste the link below it into your web page. The links include the appropriate title text but by all means, change it or substitute a logo from our selection further down the page.

Winterbourne Willows Hurdle Fencing

COPY AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING: <a href=””> Winterbourne Willows Hurdle Fencing</a> 

Adding a Description

If you would like to add a description to the link then we suggest something along the following lines:

Winterbourne Willows Ash & Willow Hurdles

Adding a Logo

If you would like to include a logo with our link then please select from those below. Two examples are given for each logo: a logo-only tag and a combined logo and link.

You can usually save an image to your hard disk by right-clicking your mouse over the image and selecting “Save Image As” (the actual text differs between browsers). If there isn’t a suitable logo then please contact us.

Linking information below is split across several lines to avoid screen over-spill. The contents of each box should be pasted into your web page as a single line of code.

<img src=””
alt=”Winterbourne Willows Hurdle Fencing” title=”Winterbourne Willows Hurdle Fencing”>